Kondacsipkedő pumik

A Pumi

Herding Seminar

for Hungarian herding dog breeds
in the Hungarian herding style!

In May 2013, Krisztina Menyhárt (Kondacsipkedő Herding School) and József Tari (Rasztari-Duci Puli Kennel) will hold a herding seminar for theory and practical training, under the auspices of the Ópusztaszer National Historical and Memorial Park.


In our country, as well as abroad, there is an increasing interest in herding, as a hobby, among owners of Hungarian herding dogs. Due to the lack of information, the Border Collie style of herding is looked upon as the example to follow. This style is contrary to the Hungarian herding breeds’ instinct. Our goal is to popularize the Hungarian herding breeds and their herding style, and to build a foundation of knowledge, as well as to increase the number of interested owners joining the ranks of sport herding enthusiasts.

Come to the seminar and combine enjoyment with useful experience!

In one weekend, in addition to the World Dog Show, one can become acquainted with the Hungarian herding breeds’ original work. Do you like herding but don’t understand the Hungarian herding style? Perhaps, you already started to practice herding with your Hungarian dog but your experience is completely different from other breeds? Have you tried herding with your Hungarian dog, who is enthusiastic, but you don’t know what is needed for the instinct test? Would you like to acquaint your dog with sheep ahead of the herding instinct test? Is the instinct test behind you and you’re wondering what the next training step is? Would you like to learn herding basics so you can better understand your dog’s behavior?

Ópusztaszer, the historical heritage site from the era of the Hungarian conquest and settlement, offers many colorful programs showcasing our heritage.

Spend a fun-filled day at National Memorial Park with your family and friends, in a cultured, quality, historical environment!

Location information:

Ópusztaszer Nemzeti Történeti Emlékpark (Ópusztaszer National Historical and Memorial Park)
Open air museum - www.opusztaszer.hu >>
Herding pen - http://opusztaszer.hu/terelokaram >>

Szoborkert 68.


We’ll provide directions to the seminar site from Budapest at a later time.
Lodging can be arranged by prior notification for participants arriving the previous night and/or staying the night after the program or by early reservation:

Szeri Kemping Ópusztaszer: (camping)

Fehértói Halászcsárda és Panzió Szeged: (Fehértó Fishermen’s Tavern and Guesthouse, Szeged)

100 Éves Fogadó Szatymaz: (100 Year Old Inn, Szatymaz)

We will provide herding training and instruction in a well-maintained, quality environment. The participating Hungarian herding dogs will be able to practice in the authentic setting they deserve, on a dog-broke Racka herd. The Hungarian historical site provides enjoyable recreational and cultural experience (for example the Feszty cyclorama and other open air museum programs) to those seeking relaxation or for friends or family members accompanying the seminar participants. Seminar participants can also take advantage of these experiences during breaks in their activities.
A nearby cafateria is available during the breaks between activities and at lunch time.
The lunch menu features Hungarian dishes. Lunch is included in the seminar fee.



May 2013, during the World Dog Show weekend of 16-19 May in Budapest, but not on Sunday, May 19, when the Hungarian herding dogs are judged in FCI Group I.

The exact date and duration of the seminar will be published later.


The seminar is organized and run by Kondacsipkedő Herding School and Rasztari-Duci Puli Kennel under the auspices of the Ópusztaszer National Historical and Memorial Park, and is coordinated with the schedule of the World Dog Show 2013 Budapest which is run by the Hungarian Kennel Club. Accordingly, the seminar will not be held on May 19 when the Hungarian herding breeds (FCI Group I) are judged, but during the same weekend. Therefore, the organizers consider the herding seminar an adjunct program of World Dog Show 2013.

The practical part of the seminar will take place in the herding pen next to the open air museum, utilizing native, dog-broke but not „automatic” Racka sheep.

The theoretical part of the seminar will be held under a large tent next to the herding pen. Chairs and tables will be provided to the participants. The presenters will be using modern media tools during the theory session. Participants will be able to take written notes, but will receive printed reference material as well.

In the practice session, the implementation of the theory will be demonstrated by the organizers and the participants will practice under the organizers’ professional supervision.

We’ll provide English and German translators for the seminar.


Preliminary seminar program:
•The history and basis of the development of the Hungarian herding style
•Demonstration of the theoretical foundation
•Theory of basic tasks
•Basic tasks in practice, with demonstration.
•Lunch break
•Personally tailored practice for participants
•Summary of seminar experiences and closing.

The detailed program of the seminar will be announced at a later date.


During the day we’ll hold theoretical and practical instruction for the participants, based on the traditional Hungarian herding culture, with the traditional Hungarian herding dogs (Mudi, Pumi, Puli and Sinka).

The theory and practice, in the seminar, are based entirely on the methodology of Kondacsipkedő Herding School. The participants will get up-close, first hand experience observing and practicing everything presented in this seminar, so they’ll be able to continue the work at home on their own, utilizing these methods. The herding seminar will primarily provide an approach and direction towards and support for starting; and for continuation of the work at home.

The Hungarian herding method can be viewed and downloaded prior to the seminar at:



The detailed program of the seminar will be announced at a later date.


Participation is by prior enrollment only, through the contacts below and is limited to maximum 15 dogs.

We’ll provide detailed information regarding participation fees and payment method at a later date. Lunch is included in the seminar fee. Please indicate ahead of time whether you will be ordering lunch.




We welcome all inquiries!